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Village house at Zalaszentlászló, Zalaszentlászló

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Village house at Zalaszentlászló, Zalaszentlászló

Where the main and only street of the village widens up into a bay, a new village house was created with the refurbishment of old buildings and the covering of spaces in between the buildings; the square is surrounded by living trees and branched trees that support the roof over a veranda. The building comprises a library, club rooms, a pub and guestrooms; The central space is also used for events and for the purposes of a school gymnasium. Most of the construction work was done by local inhabitants who are unskilled workers. The building project brought the hope of development into a village that had been deprived of development opportunities because of local municipality mergers. (Makovecz I, epl Publishing House 2015)

“… at Zalaszentlászló, we again used the reduced but still sizeable local tree stock and built a ramose new centre and community house. What we used as an imaginary model was not the “beautiful old Hungarian village”, but the healing forest that returns so that we can find a home in it. Under the new roof, we preserved the house of the Jews killed [during WWII] and also the uniform block houses [built in the communist era]…”


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