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Village house, Zalaszentlászló

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Village house, Zalaszentlászló

“… But back then, in the late 1970s and early 1980s something started that turned out to be unstoppable. I myself kept designing new Village Houses, one after the other, including building redesigns and additions. We were looking for building materials for construction projects that had almost zero budget. I returned to using timber for good. My builders and I kept walking from forest to forest to select the right logs. We spent a lot of time mediating between the agricultural cooperative, the councils, the county and the local inhabitants, lighting up their awareness of shared interests. Those construction projects began at a time when the councils had no finance management experience yet…”

The chosen site for the building was behind the World War I heroes’ memorial, from which the forbidden Turul bird figure was removed after 1945. During the construction of the Village House, the names of World War II heroes were added to the same memorial. Embodied in the shape of the building, the Turul irremovably settled on the village.


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