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SZÖVOSZ holiday homes, Balatonszepezd

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SZÖVOSZ holiday homes, Balatonszepezd

“The buildings are located on the upper part of the SZÖVOSZ holiday home site in Balatonszepezd in a forested area and include twenty bungalows, amenities, a kitchen and a tavern/canteen building. For the tavern section, we made use of the old wine cellar carved in the rocks on the western side of the area. We built a partly covered, partly outdoor section with toilet facilities and a traditional fireplace to its front. The three little central buildings are clustered in a vertical line, one above the other on the slope. We tried to match their appearance to the forest and the rocks that surround them. Facing the same direction, each building has a “profile” and a “face”.

The shared walls make them inseparable, both visually and structurally. The walls widen to the bottom and rest on boulder-heavy, rocky soil. As they get narrower to the top, the walls are broken up by openings and support pitched roofs, with the roof of the tavern opening up towards Lake Balaton. The corrugations of the roof were intended to emphasise the termination of the closed structure. We attempted to enrich the rather basic architectural requirements associated with the purpose of the building by incorporating deeper notions into the design, which reflect the vividness of nature in a wider sense.  Therefore, we strove to employ natural materials  – stone, timber, pebbles etc. – to apply symmetry and to ensure that each detail and mass is intertwined in a single organic structure.”



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