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Szigetvár, Vigadó culture house

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Szigetvár, Vigadó culture house

“Working on this assignment was highly enjoyable for me – not only because I compressed everything I had learnt about architecture into this culture house, but also because we were full of high hopes while elaborating the designs. A whole bunch of people participated in drawing it and the resulting design reflects the great mood of the team.
The way we approached development was as follows: We should create a complex interconnection of spaces in the city core, restore the destroyed synagogue to its original form, develop buildings on expensive vacant lots in the downtown area, restore destroyed open-air areas and thereby trigger development and boost community life there. This building is a peak in my professional career. All the architectural elements I ever discovered are in this building, packed with a certain childlike surrealism.
The three enwreathed cupolas that recall the first Goetheanum eat up the ruin walls of the two side wings. These ruin walls symbolize the culture of times passed; they slope to the side and disappear in the space that they create – a geometrically simple space that operates with extremely complex spatial contents and strong surreal effects.”




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