Makovecy Utak

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„Makovecz” lookout Hárshegy, Budapest

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„Makovecz” lookout Hárshegy, Budapest

“They say glade. A glade in the forest. Because no tree or even bush is growing there. Because the soil is different, or perhaps the underground water level is higher. I rather believe though that something happened at these places long ago. So long ago, that nobody can remember, only the trees perhaps. At these places, if I stand on the outer circle of the glade, in line with the surrounding trees or maybe one step back, I see that the trees look down at that place.”

“An increasingly exciting experiment for me is to create pseudo-secret places in the landscape. With this I strive to evoke and provoke events. To force ourselves, the Earth and its living beings to deliver a new kind of utterance, the manifestation of a kind of knowledge that is related to the inevitable diversity of beings. I mean we, people, consider it incomprehensible that there are beings that walk this Earth keeping their arms behind their back. They cannot grip with their hands, but they can stretch them sideways and fly with them; then others are immense and heavy, all of their members grow as thick as columns, their fingers compressed under their weight. They become wise as the Earth…”




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