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László Nagy’s Chair, Mogyoró hill, Visegrád

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László Nagy’s Chair, Mogyoró hill, Visegrád

“For if we look for mysteriously intelligent places then we should leave it to the scenery and not our mind to guide our feet and eyes. Stay away from fantasizing, but walk with exaggerated senses, like a Geiger-Müller counter and let everything resonate in us simultaneously: the shapes of the ground, the atmospheric phenomena, the overly beautiful or even forced shapes of trees, the specific conditions we experience.

Let us keep our eyes open to where old buildings were built, where the old paths run. For everything is whispering to us hoping that we will understand and everything is suffering owing to our inability to comprehend. Since everything is left to us, everything is for us. We, semi-animal, semi-angel beings do not search the supernatural places of nature in vain. They are there. With the help of nature, the places of strange harmony in the world are capable of allowing us to step out of time. That is where we can learn the future. We, the chosen species of the animal kingdom, must receive inspiration amidst the helping congregation of trees to realize the opportunity and purpose of human civilization, and, within that, the role of the architect.”


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