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Makovecz Imre



1969-1977 Private Master School


“In the late 1960s I came to the decision that a larger “aura” should be established for this whole way of thinking, that other people must be involved. To me it was a part of reality that it is impossible to live alone with a certain kind of knowledge, you need companions for that.

Owing to a number of reasons, you tend to trust people who are younger than you. Actually that is how I got in contact with third and fourth grade architect university students and other young architects, with whom we began to learn that Cordier table.

So it was not an anthroposophical, American organic or turn-of-the-century expressive architectural school that we focused on. Instead, I obsessively believed that an architect must first and foremost be educated in the most noble sense of the word, because the political system deprives us from access to elementary information that is not only needed for exercising our profession but also for developing our character.”

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