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Makovecz Imre



Memorial concert to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Imre Makovecz’s birth

In 2015, the final gala concert of the Seven Towers Festival will be staged as a joint production of the Festival and the Zugló Philharmonic Orchestra.
The concert programme will include Lamentate by Arvo Pärt and Songs of the Moon Manor House (Holdudvarház dalai) by Ferenc Kiss, a piece arranged by Csaba Vedres and staged as an Etnofon Zenei Társulás and Zugló Philharmonic Orchestra co-production.
Conductor: Pál Makovecz
The very first Imre Makovecz Prize will be awarded at the concert. The prize was founded on the initiative of the Imre Makovecz foundation and is awarded in cooperation with the Károly Kós association and the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

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