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Makovecz Imre



Ferenc Kiss is the inaugural winner of the Imre Makovecz Prize!

The very first award ceremony for the Imre Makovecz Prize was held at the Music Academy as part of a memorial concert on 20 November 2015. As per the deed of foundation for the prize, “The person worthy of the prize shall be one that progresses in the footsteps of the country building spirit of Imre Makovecz with conviction, strong faith and consistent endurance; Cherishes the culture of Hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin; Safeguards relationships between Hungarian minorities living in different countries there; Cultivates all tangible forms of cohabitation with neighbouring nations; Further, this approach should be present in his or her day-to-day activities in an uncompromising manner along with the determination to pass it on to future generations …”

The six-member award committee unanimously awarded the price to “sound architect” Ferenc Kiss.

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