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Makovecz Imre



Ceremony to lay the foundation stone of the Tolvajos hilltop chapel

Marking the first step in constructing the Chapel under the Heart of Jesus Lookout, the event was attended by the parish priests of neighbouring villages; the mayor of Farkaslaka; Marianne Szabó [Mrs. Imre Makovecz]; and several supporters and members of the general public. “…the duty of an architect is to connect the sky and the ground. In his life, my husband built this bridge many times, but at this consecrated place we enjoy the privilege of seeing the bridgehead on the other shore, too, in the form of a Christ sculpture …” said Marianne Szabó in her opening words. “Let the near-end bridgehead be built as well and let it guide the lost wandering souls to wherever they can find what they are seeking!”

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