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Refurbished Onion House reopened to the public

Makovecz Tender Fund, 2018 budget

The Makovecz Center and Archives has been opened to the public

Makovecz Centre and Archives officially launched

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Makovecz Tender Fund, 2018 budget

Following a joint assessment by the Government and the Foundation, the following construction projects were approved for implementation using resources of the Fund:

Buildings to be refurbished:

Dobogókő – Zsindelyes Guest House (ski house)
Sárospatak – Árpád Vezér Grammar School and Youth Hostel
Solymár – Waldorf kindergarten

New buildings to be constructed based on existing designs:

Budapest – Pesterzsébet Calvinist Church
Kaposvár – Bell house
Mátészalka – Képes Coffee House
Sárospatak – Refurbishment of drinking fountains
Visegrád – Feketehegy chapel… tovább

Makovecz Centre and Archives officially launched

In Government decree 2022/2015, the Government of Hungary declared that this Centre should serve the living intellect of Imre Makovecz. To implement the underlying functions, the Government partnered with the Hungarian Academy of Arts that signed a contract with the Imre Makovecz Foundation on operating the Centre.… tovább

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