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Imre Makovecz Foundation



Imre Makovecz Foundation

A key objective of the Imre Makovecz Foundation is to collect, tidy, sort and document the work of Imre Makovecz. It is widely known that he was an extremely prolific architect, artist and thinker, and also that he was very generous with his work, giving countless drawings, sketches and carvings as gifts to friends and visitors. Now, as we sort through his oeuvre, we kindly ask all owners of Imre Makovecz originals to please contact the Foundation.

We aim to authenticate these works as Makovecz originals: we would like simply to photograph and catalogue them for the archive, and then return them to the owners.
In the future, only those works that the Foundation has authenticated will be considered as true Makovecz originals.

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