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Dear visitors!

The network of “Makovecz routes” and the related website have been created to assist the exploration of the built heritage of Imre Makovecz.

This is important as we are convinced that in addition to his talent as an architect, Imre Makovecz embodied an intellectuality that represents our past, present and future in Central Europe. Further, his oeuvre and his community-oriented visionary thinking can provide guidance to all who wish to follow and cherish this type of approach.

We divided the country into regions and first collected information to assist those wanting to visit the Makovecz buildings closest to Budapest. When making this selection we had to take into consideration the condition of the buildings; this was not always a joyful task. Thankfully, Government Decree no. 2022 of 2015 enables the preservation of Imre Makovecz’s built heritage and those in disrepair may be restored in the coming years. Thus we hope the list of buildings that we now recommend visiting will expand in the future.

In time, we will elaborate all routes countrywide.

We have relied on the architect’s own writings in describing the individual buildings, as he provided the best insight into the intent and process behind the creations.

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